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Our unique Elite performance management software provides sports clubs and businesses with a factual, evidence-based approach to personal development, recruitment and retention. By presenting targets as a percentage, our algorithm can help to analyse current strengths and devise training plans tailored to specific measurable goals.

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legacy excel is a software tool designed to support the identification and development of elite performers – in sport and business.

Legacy's unique algorithm and profiling capabilities help to monitor, analyse and plan an individual’s development so they can realise their full potential - and achieve success.

Using app-based technology, we’ve redefined the performance measurement process - replacing subjective 'grey areas' with an evidence-based approach that helps people realise their full potential.

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“Legacy Excel is at the forefront of innovation for talent development and creating a high-performance culture. It has enabled us to break down what an ‘elite’ player looks like and provides us with the clear building blocks for success.” Lee Radford, Hull FC Coach

Powerful insights

Use evidence to determine the minimum effective input required to get the maximum output from an individual’s performance.

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Individuals can access real-time data via a smartphone app for positive reinforcement ahead of crucial events.

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Unlimited help and support so you can always strive to stay one step ahead.

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