Legacy sports retention software

Use statistics to measure performance and remove subjective opinions from the retention process – increasing the chances of progression and likelihood of producing homegrown players.

Use evidence & data to:

  • Clearly define what each skill ‘looks like’
  • Analyse player performance
  • Track & monitor improvement KPIs
  • Monitor fatigue & recovery rates
  • Pin-point skill deficiencies
  • Target individual development needs
  • Compare different performers in same position
Identify what talent looks like
Identify what talent ‘looks like’

Quantify what ‘success’ or ‘improvement’ is and benchmark an individual’s performance against a specific set of criteria defined by your club ethos or coaching vision.

Maximise your coaching time
Maximise your coaching time

Define your ideal performer or performance profile so coaches and individuals can work together to sculpt the perfect personal development plan for maximum output.

increase elite player development
Increase elite player development

Identify physical skills and personality traits which need attention, work on them in a quantifiable framework and increase the likelihood of producing more elite performers.

Decisions based on facts
Decisions based on facts – not opinions

Remove subjective ‘grey areas’ from a coach’s assessments by measuring, monitoring and analysing every aspect of performance and personal development to help individuals realise their true potential.

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“The team from Legacy Elite Performance have an exceptional ability to identify the core components of talent development and provide the resources and expertise to help people achieve. I would highly recommend them.” Jamie Peacock, MBE, England team manager

Powerful insights

Use evidence to determine the minimum effective input required to get the maximum output from an individual’s performance.

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On-the-go advice

Individuals can access real-time data via a smartphone app for positive reinforcement ahead of crucial events.

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24/7 Support

Unlimited help and support so you can always strive to stay one step ahead.

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