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The ideology behind Legacy Elite Performance may have been defined on the sports field, but its overarching principles easily transfer into the world of business.

Use Legacy's unique algorithm and profiling capabilities to support and improve staff by setting SMART goals to help them realise their full potential.

Help your leaders and management to devise individual development plans which can be closely monitored and analysed to quantify ‘what success is’ within your organisation.

This evidence-based approach removes subjectivity from performance management, bringing more clarity to the appraisal process – and helping you to reward and retain your best employees.

Legacy elite performance

How ‘Legacy for Business’ works

Legacy breaks down the key pillars of performance into specific areas – including skills, weaknesses and mentality – to support staff development.

Clear targets for success can then be set for each development area, both for teams and individuals, so that specific measurable goals can be closely monitored.

Using this an evidence-based approach to performance management can increase productivity and improve the appraisal process by eliminating any ‘grey areas’ which are subjective.

  • 1. Empower staff Clearly define what each area of progression ‘looks like’ to minimise underperformance and increase likelihood of employee success.
  • 2. Role specific Pin-point recurring deficiencies which contribute to underperformance and devise role-specific training plans to facilitate improvement.
  • 3. Remove bias Define what improvement and success ‘look like’ in the workplace to remove opinions and favourability from the appraisal process.
  • 4. Define your ethos Configure to suit your organisation’s mission statement and values, making your people - and their progress - fully appreciated.

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“The team from Legacy Elite Performance have an exceptional ability to identify the core components of talent development and provide the resources and expertise to help people achieve. I would highly recommend them.” Jamie Peacock, MBE, England team manager

Powerful insights

Use evidence to determine the minimum effective input required to get the maximum output from an individual’s performance.

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Give staff instant access to data via a smartphone app for up-to-date feedback and positive reinforcement.

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Unlimited help and support so you can always get the best out of your people.

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