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About Legacy

Legacy Elite Performance is a sports performance analysis software tool designed to support the identification and development of elite sports people.

Legacy's unique algorithm and player profiling capabilities helps coaches to track, monitor, analyse and plan an individual’s development so they can realise their full potential.

Using app-based technology, it removes the subjectivity from scouting and reduces the 'grey areas' associated with talent identification - bringing an evidence-based approach to the recruitment and retention process.

Legacy will help coaches to profile in five key areas of human development, making it the perfect athlete profiling tool;

  • Physical game attributes
  • Lifestyle and background
  • Mental characteristics
  • Performance Skills
  • Athleticism

HOW legacy elite performace works

Legacy player software system breaks down the key pillars of player performance into specific areas – including physical attributes, skills and off-field factors.

Clear targets for success can then be set for each area of development, either as an individual or within a team environment.

Our unique algorithm presents overall development targets as a percentage – allowing coaches to analyse current strengths and devise training plans tailored to specific measurable goals.

  • 1. Evidence based Clearly define what each area of skill ‘looks like’ – putting an end to statements like ‘he’s not big enough’ being a valid reason for failure.
  • 2. Player specific Pin-point actual deficiencies which contribute to lack of ability – and devise a player-specific training and improvement plan.
  • 3. Removes subjectivity Notice patterns in player development to answer the question ‘What does a first-grade player look like?’
  • 4. Define your ethos Configure to suit the philosophy and development beliefs upheld by your club or coaches to increase likelihood of player progression.
individual development insights
Individual development insights

Access and interpret real-time data to meet individual development needs and improve performance.

Collaborative communication system
Collaborative communication system

Instantly become organised with all your individual’s data in one place – allowing analysis and feedback across multiple departments.

Instant and real-time feedback
Instant and real-time feedback

Gain a better understanding of your athlete’s needs - providing precise feedback to empower performers and reduce ‘dead’ coaching time.

measurable competencies
Measurable competencies

Use evidence-based expertise to provide a clear framework of competencies for individuals so they can achieve excellence.

personal development planning
Personal development planning

Use clear and comprehensive data to gain insights into which areas of development will lead to the biggest improvement.

KPI analysis
KPI analysis

Recognise key milestones to predict future development needs and potential or recognise the achievement of success.

“Legacy Excel is at the forefront of innovation for talent development and creating a high-performance culture. It has enabled us to break down what an ‘elite’ player looks like and provides us with the clear building blocks for success.” Lee Radford, Hull FC Coach

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Use evidence to determine the minimum effective input required to get the maximum output from an individual’s performance.

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Individuals can access real-time data via a smartphone app for positive reinforcement ahead of crucial events.

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